Iode Privacy Features - XPrivacyLUA & compare against /e/ OS

I have a Samsung Note 10+ (F975F) and i require good privacy

I have found 2 OS’s that that are oriented around privacy - iode being one of them
I have watched a number of youtube videos reviewing iode’s very nice app blocker app

The other OS is /e/ - which is also oriented around privacy
Despite some small nuances in material looks, menu design etc etc
When it comes to “privacy” per-se, the only differance i can find between iode and /e/ is
idoes app blocker app

In the past i have historically used non-AOSP standard roms with the exception that they were
already rooted, with Magisk and i had XPrivacyLUA module installed

This is the -only- method i know to get proper privacy, as this give the user almost full access to
every single android ‘Permission’ to be able to allow/disallow on a per-app basis (including all system apps)

With XPrivacyLUA i have blocked apps (including system apps and services) to things such as

Phone Number
Phone Contacts
Battery ID
Phone Make/Model

I cant find 1 video referring to XPrivacyLUA and iode OS for android at all
No references are made to any of the android permissions in any of the videos i have seen

So a fundamental question is this:

Is it a known fact that any/all apps that get this info specifically open up another internet channel
(DNS) etc etc to siphon this information out to ? - for example online-games

If this is true, is that the reason all one needs is a powerful DNS blocker that iode provides ?

Can you specify the differences about privacy between iode and /e/ OS ?