Iodé phone with good cam and FM radio


wich phones, for sale in the iodé shop, have a good cam and a really terrestrical FM radio that works with iodé?

A good cam has:

  • MotoG3
  • Teracube One
  • Samsung A52s
  • Sony XA2
  • Fairphone 3+
  • One+ 9pro
  • Pixel 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

A bad cam has:

  • Moto G1
  • Teracube 2e (emerald)

A FM radio has and don’t work with iodé / LineageOS:

  • Teracube 2e (emerald)

Consider: Please only with real terrestrical FM radio working with iodé and only with good cams.

May I ask why any internet radio app may not do it?

FM radios in phones are rare these days.

The app for it needs root priviledges iirc.

I don’t think you will find a model which has an radio and is supported by iode and radio is working

Internet radio needs data traffic, so it eats up data volume.
And AFAIK the sound quality of FM radio is better.

true, alas.

It ain’t necessarily so. I have a Volla 22 with VollaOS (based on LineageOS) and a Shift6mq with /e/OS. Both not rooted, both with working FM radio. The Shift6mq is going to be migrated to iodé sometime soon.

My Shift6mq has a working FM radio, currently still with /e/OS (change to iodé is planned). The camera is fine; what do you mean by “good cam”?

Hi there,
I have a working FM-Radio-App with my XA2 (H3113), updated to iode 5 as beta. I also had the app in iode 3 and 4.
As Cameraapp I use aperture and a gcam-go-port and I am getting good, but rarely amazing pictures.
Good luck,

@Merlin @tim , nice that you have a working real terrestrical FM radio App on your smartphone with /e/OS and iodé. Can you tell us more informations? What is the name of the App? Is a special installation required?

Hi Miria,
I am deeply sorry for the late reply!
The app came with the installation of iode.os to the phone as an pre-installed app, there was nothing I had to do. The phone is a european Sony XA2 - H3113 - pioneer. I add thta it is the european version, because such things sometimes matter. And the app - info of the FM-app called “FM-Radio” tells me “com.caf.fmradio”, and “Version 14”.
I remember there are only few phones left with FM-Radio capability and usually the problem it is not absent app but the missing chip.
Good luck,

Oh, and I assume you know that, the FM - Radio works only in combination with headphone cable.