Iodé OS on the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G


After installing IodéOS on my A52s (a52sxq) via the instructions provided by Lineage OS, latest IodéOS version works fine so far except for 2 issues:

a. OpenCamera doesn’t see the macro lens. It does see and uses the main camera (ID0) fine, although “only” with 12MP resolution instead of the 64MP and the wide-angle camera (ID2) seems to work fine also.
The small camera above the LED (ID4) is also seen, but not usable.
Is it possible to get this macro lens working in IodéOS? Did you get this solved in your “official” IodéOS installation?

b. In the recovery, which seems the original, unmodified LOS recovery there is a constant message on the bottom of the screen:

“ERROR: recovery: [libfs_mgr]Error updating for slotselect”

What does this mean and can this be the reason installing the Magisk ZIP fails with “error 21: Signature verification failed”

Oh and by the way:
The 2 warnings after reboot; unlocked bootloader & unofficial ROM looks frightning for inexperienced users (my family members) is it possible to get rid of them?
Is this also present on phones bought from the Iodé store?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


You can read

Thanks for the response.

Here some new experiences:

a. Pictures of the camera not that good, Open Camera functions stable though.
Tried the GCAM-app; bit more options and somewhat better pictures, tried it with different config files, but it has some strange bugs.

b. just ignored it… seems not to affecting anything, rooting via Magisk patching the boot.img works fine.

In short about the warnings: No solution to the warningsigns from Samsung after cold boot.

The iodeOS for this device is based on Android 13 and the LineageOS 20 release. Android 14 is officially out for this device, and there’s an inofficial LineageOS 21 release for this device.

Which will hopefully become official soon. If i install iodeOS 4.8 on this device - will there be an OTA update to the “Android 14 / LineageOS 21” iodeOS version as soon as those are released?

Yes, there will be an update, some time after. No rush.

thx again, vince :slightly_smiling_face: so no need to wait for the LOS 21 release, but time to install iodé 4.8 :smile:

a14 has nothing that you would miss with a13


installed iodé yesterday, looks good so far. will test some apps that i need and then probably switch.

ok, switch done. Works good so far. The only thing that didn’t work: transfer of whatsapp data. I chose the “qrcode way”, after a couple of tries the transfer started and was about to arrive on the new phone - a message appeared and instantly disappeared. Data on the old phone gone, but almost nothing (besides the groups i’m in) arrived. Brilliant. Luckily no really important data in whatsapp, but… :roll_eyes:

I do it that way:
Copy complete folder android/media/com.whatsapp to PC and then back to phone
setup WA and it will find it as backup and will recover