Iode OS 5 for Sony XZ3 timeframe

LineageOS has released the new Android 14 images for Sony XZ2/3 phones (XZ2, XZ2 compact, XZ2 premium and XZ3) yesterday and today. Is there a plan/date for releasing Iode OS5 for them (XZ3 and XZ2)?

I wish XZ2 premium would be supported by Iode but I guess it’s a rare phone with not many users… I have 2 of them, one running /e/ OS and one almost new on stock ROM waiting for me to decide on a good ROM that supports both back cameras.
Thank you.

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XZ2 and 3 have beta version 5 available for testing at the moment. Release date will probably follow the usual monthly pattern, so I guess maybe in a few days.

That is good news, thank you.