Iode on Terycube 2e

Due to the lack of availablilty of a more recent security update from teracube for my beloved 2e, I tried iode os ( I must say that the experience has been very good. It is android 11 with January Google security updates (version 2.3), plus a bunch of extra apps centered around privacy and security. They even developed their own app basically telling you what all your apps are connecting themselves to. Once you have seen, what is going on your phone, even without the Google apps, you start thinking. And you value this app that allows you to control this to some extend.

There are lot of other features, which can be reviewed on It is all very well thought through. Impressive!

Everything is working fine, including wlan calls, bluetooth, fingerprint and even full control of this annoyingly blinking LED!

One thing I would like see in the future would be being able to re-lock the bootloader after flashing. According to iode this is not possible at present with the 2e. It is possible with the fairphone 3+, though. So maybe could teracube look into this? I think this is a good feature.

Thanks to iode for their great work.

Hope this may inspire others to try it.


BTW I have no relations to iode, just a happy user.

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Thanks for your enthusiastic and encouraging words!