Iodé on Galaxy Note 10+ snapdragon 855

Hi all
I did not found any post about that… I’m located in North America and iodé OS device are not available here so I would like to install iodé OS on snapdragon 855 Galaxy Note10+ version but I’m not sure this is ok ? I see that the install process is for Exynos …
Thanks for any help about that

I’m sorry, we do not actually support snapdragon variants of samsung phones. We plan to build a GSI though, so iodé could run on many more devices without requiring specific builds.

Ok. Thanks for your answer. So I understand that iodé support any Exynos like 975F model (Exynos 9825) ? and Exynos 970 (5G) too ?

Yes, exynos 9820 ans 9825, but not the 5G versions.