Iodé now accepts wire transfer donations!

Hi all,

We now offer the possibility to donate via direct wire transfer!

More information here: Donations - iodé

Thank you all for your contributions to our project and thank you for your trust in iodé.


Nous acceptons désormais les dons via virement bancaire !
Plus d’information ici : Dons - iodé

Merci à tous pour vos contributions et merci pour votre confiance en iodé.


Wir haben jetzt auch die Option, Spenden per Bank-Überweisung zu empfangen!

Mehr Informationen: Spenden - iodé

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung und euer Vertrauen in iodé.

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Hi @Antoine,

Donations can only be claimed as expenses by commercially oriented companies if they serve to promote a charitable purpose. For companies that falsely deduct a donation as a business expense, charges of tax evasion are possible.

For companies, sponsorship is more attractive because it is safer from a tax perspective. Sponsorship is a promotion by a commercially oriented company in the form of money, goods or services that is based on a concrete consideration.

Please also create a separate way of supporting iodé.tech that meets the business requirements of commercially oriented companies.

Otherwise, commercially oriented companies only have the option of purchasing equipment from the iodé shop. If no goods are available there aka “Not in stock | Out of stock | Rupture de stock”, no support can take place that is useful to both sides.

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The only thing missing now is that you can select prepayment in the store when buying a smartphone and also use this bank account for payment via bank transfer (SEPA).