Iode notification since update to 4.1

the update on both devices worked flawless, but now I have a notification from iode for several apps and I don’t know what to do with this informations. I can’t deactivate notification for iode app.

What does it mean and how can I stop these messages.

in den einstellungen der blocker app unter benachrichtigungen

in the settings of the iode app, the notification can be stopped

This notification displays blocking information about the app which is currently in use at the top-level, and offers shortcuts to the main functionalities of the blocker for that app : you can change the blocking level (standard / reinforced blocking), directly access the blocking statistics of the top-level app, or follow in live the DNS requests made by this app.
You can effectively deactivate it in the app settings, but of course you loose the facilities that it brings to control the blocker.