Iodé Lineage-Recovery for Galaxy S9+ 'star2lte' do not rebooting to recovery

When I install iode-2.2-20211108-star2lte-recovery.img and want to reboot into iodé Lineage-Recovery again to confirm, the recovery stops,

rebooting to recovery

Screenshot: rebooting to recovery


which means the boot process does not take place - the system is frozen.

The only way to boot into the recovery is to press the hardware buttons POWER + VOL(up) + BIXBY.

Note: The iodé lineage recovery iode-2.2-20211117-a5y17lte-recovery for the Galaxy A5 2017 works as it should.

Since the Iodé Lineage Recovery does not work 100% for me, I’ve now equipped my Galayx-9 family with the TWRP Fork SHRP Skyhawk Recovery.

This SHRP recovery is visually very appealing and fits perfectly with the design of iodéOS. In terms of performance, it offers much more than the iodé Lineage Recovery as well as the TWRP variant and works in all respects, since the SHRP Recovery has been continuously maintained since 2020.