Iodé browser refers without my consent

There are websites that connect me further through to google play store, insisting that I install their app. How can I instruct Iodé browser not to follow the google play link?

I hope I understand your question corrected. You can block the link in iodé firewall.

Kind regards.

Thx! Where is that firewall?

Its the iode app in the system

I cannot adapt anything there.
Apart from that it only shows some coloured grahs.

In German:

Falls das auch gewünscht wird:

Du kannst die Weiterleitung von externen Links direkt im Browser unter Einstellungen unterbinden, oder nur auf Nachfrage öffnen lassen.

If that is also desired:
You can disable the forwarding of external links directly in the browser under settings, or only open them on request.

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