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ClassyShark3xodus (Checks apps for code signatures of known trackers (provided by Exodus Privacy) detects three trackers on iodé Browser version 91.4.0-iode.17 (com.iode.firefox):

  1. Google Firebase Analytics
  2. 3io.sentry
  3. Mozilla Telemetry

iodé’s @vince31fr wrote on 08/13/2021:

Browser: our own fork of Firefox (with Qwant as default search engine and telemetry disabled) instead of Lineage’s default browser Jelly.

Are this trackers really necessary?

The Privacy Browser v3.8.1 (with Mojeek as default homepage and search engine) shows that browsers also work without trackers. “The browser ‘does not phone home’ and already brings filter lists against trackers, advertising and social media” (v3.8 Mike Kuketz).


I would also like to see the browser not have any trackers at all, and not contain a privacy leak in any other way.

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My understanding of the Fenix fork is that for it to be on F-Droid they had to remove the trackers but they had to retain ‘stubs’.

So the tracker-finders spot the stubs and incorrectly label them as trackers.

A reddit comment leads to this comment on the F-Droid forum, where they mention the above and link to the gitlab merge request.

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Yeah, that would be more sympathetic to me. Because as flexible as Firefox may be and forks of it are popular - but we know about the proximity - without using the word dependency - of Firefox to Google.

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