Iodé Blocker won't find my Google Camera app, so I cannot block it's Internet

Hey there,

Just installed Iodé for the first time and I’m quite happy so far :slight_smile: The only problem: Iodé Blocker does not recognize my Google Camera app, so I can’t block it’s Internet. It is a gcam port which I installed from a downloaded file.

Any idea why Iodé doesn’t see this app?

Thanks in advance

As long as there was no initial request, it is not shown in the blocker. Means, your gcam didnt connect to Internet yet
Go to APP settimgs of gcam, mobile data and wifi, and disallow there network connection globally for the APP

Thankyou for the quick response! I wasn’t aware of this option, that helps my initial purpose :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I will check if I can make the App visible in Iodé Blocker and then report back.

It depends on the app
If the app (any app, generally, not only gcam) is silent and it does not make any network connect, it will not been shown in the blocker.
There’s no (not been yet) configuration option in the blocker to manually configure an app.

Testing different versions oft GCam-Ports I found that some versions show up in Iodé Blocker after some usage and others don’t. If what you are saying is correct, then all apps will show up eventually and maybe I just didn’t use them ‘long enough’ to cause internet access requests.

Since I can block Internet access for any app in android settings, my problem is solved though. So thankyou :slight_smile:

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depends on the gcam port and it’s developer if he removes google blobs or not :wink:
my experience: some are more restrictive then others…