Iodé blocker app loses all settings and password


On my kid’s phone, Samsung S10e with Iodé 4.8 the Iodé-blocker lost all settings.
All settings are back to default and the password is gone. The premium subscribtion credentials is the only thing which remains.
This is the second time this happend in 1 month.

I consider this a very serious issue, especially since it’s used by my daughter and out of the blue, she’s suddenly completly unprotected!

The Iodé OS ROM is original as downloaded, no root or modifications. Just the regular apps: Whatsapp, Spotify, Roblox and a few F-droid games.
I tried to reproduce this issue, but I couldn’t. As far as I know, she didn’t try to change anything in settings. And even if she did, it shouldn’t be possible.

Thanks in advance for looking in to this.


This is indeed a serious issue. We cannot reproduce, and we’re actually not aware of anyone having the same. Could you please describe what settings you define in the blocker: kind of password (settings or global), kind of protection (standard, reinforced, additional categories, …), if they are applied globally or depends on apps, … Any information could be useful.


The blocker is set up with a global password.
Of course, the default blockings setting is to block everything (tab “network blocking”), so new apps can’t communicate if not explicity allowed. On the tab “recipient blocking” It’s set to “standard” and I checked all 3 “complimentary” checkboxes.
With the help of custom blockings per app I blocked some domains for the Iodé-browser, because it keeps talking to Mozilla & Google. (If this is usefull or not is a subject for a topic on it’s own) And I blocked all communication for the Aurora appstore-app, so my daughter can not install apps without approval from us, parents. F-droid on the other side, I left alone, so she can try and install some safer games on her own.
There is hardly any software installed; Roblox, Spotify, Whatsapp and 3 or 4 F-droid FOSS-games. Via the blocker app, I also restricted Roblox & Spotify to only use the WiFi.

I 've used the same premium-account on my own Iodé-phone to play around with the premium settings, but the issue on her phone occured before I did that.
In the meantime it happend a 3th time, few days ago, (all settings gone including password, except subscribtion account), this all on version 4.8.
After this, I upgraded to Iodé 4.9 and did all the settings in the blocker again and changed the password for the blocker-app.

Where are the settings stored anyway? Maybe a save/restore function would be a nice addition.

Thanks for looking in to this,