Iodé blcoker not working since update to 3.1

Since I updated to Iodé 3.1 on my FP3+, I noticed the iodé app is not showing anything anymore, just endlessly loading the screen, and the protection toggle on the upper right corner of the screen shows it is disabled.

Anyone else having this issue ? Should I rollback to 2.5 ?

Which build exactly have you installed? You cant enable it? I can confirm its working as expected on my FP3 with beta build dd 21072022.
The the beta build 29072022 was pushed due to some bug in the blocker, cant remeber which exactly. In the beta channel it was announced, another build might be available on Friday which includes several changes in the blocker.

I’m on build 3-20220726-FP3 on the main release canal, nothing fancy.

From the iodé app I can enable the blocker, but if I quit and restart the app it’s back to the disabled state, so I guess it’s not really enabling

Than you are maybe hit by the rare bug, this should be solved with next official update. I would not downgrade and just wait a bit, in my eyes less hassle than to setup anew. Or change to beta, which is simple and nothing fancy, beta builds are tested already and quite stable so far.

OK I think I’ll wait for the next update then. The iodé blocker is more of an extra safety net to me, as I’m already very cautious with my smartphone usage, so I can wait a bit.

Thanks for your help !

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I confirm @yvmuell explanation: you’re affected by a rare bug that we recently fixed, thanks to the help of several users that reported it (it never happened on our test devices). Downgrading won’t solve the problem, so either you install the latest beta, or you wait a bit for the next official release. New betas will be rolling out tomorrow, and an official release should be made soon.

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I confirm the 3.2 beta did solve my problem.

Also it’s astonishingly easy to install the beta : manually install one APK, run the installer again and voilà !

It was really a 1min process to switch to beta, no prior knowledge of any kind necessary, kudos !