Iodé Apps as standalone apk files

To the developers and maintainers:
is it possible to get the iodé own browser (firefox fork) as a standalone apk file?

as said before. I use a fairphone 4 and waiting for the support of the device, but it would be nice for me to test the browser before. have a great interest to test your browser…

All other pre-installed apps are std. apps, i can download from f-droid. except the browser.

OK. the iodé app for itself. therefore i have to wait :wink: that’s ok for me…


The browser is available in our own f-droid repo. Check the Iodé apps category in f-droid.

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Ooops maybe you cannot access it from FP4… here is the link: fdroid/fdroid/repo at master · iodeOS/fdroid · GitHub

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I was not able to include the repo in my f-droid installation. Could add the repo, but it is unverified and i cannot search apps from the repo.
But i could download the browser app apk.
that’s fine for me.

I can see it is a re-labeled fennek, isn’t it?
Some changes in search machines (like startpage is included), but i cannot see other changes.
Also, all addons are accessible. great!

Hi, no, it’s a re-labeled Firefox, not Fennec. You can track the changes here : iode / os / apps / Iode Browser · GitLab // iode / os / apps / Iodé Browser Components · GitLab
It’s still a WIP, we go slowly on this stuff.

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OK. But this WIP is still working well. At least for my requirements…

Dialer: Google default option replaced by OpenStreetMap for phone number lookup.

Is it also possible to get the dialer as apk from git?