Iodé app drains battery since iodéOS 4.11

Since I’ve updated my Samsung S10+ to iodéOS 4.11 at the end of April, the iodé app (premium) drains the battery like crazy. When I load the battery to 100% before I go to bed, it has only around 50% left in the morning. Checking the battery comsumption alway shows that iodé app consumed almost all of it. I’ve deleted the cache of the app - no change. During the day it is the same.
There must be a bug in 4.11 because I haven’t changed anything else on my phone except updating my apps regularly.
Please solve this in the next update. Will there be a iodéOS 5 for my phone?

hi…that was also the case with the S9 in a beta version…but it was fixed in the next beta.

Switch to the latest beta release if you like