Iodé & android/firmware upgrade

maybe i’ll ask that in a separate thread… it’s more of a general question, but i’ll use my recently bought samsung a52s as an example.

There’s an official LineageOS 20 release that’s the base for the iodé OS version; this LOS release is based on android 13 and the related firmware etc. Now a new offical version from samsung has been released: android 14, newer firmware, One UI 6.0. A currently inofficial LineageOS 21 was created a few days ago which will probably become official.

How does the upgrade from iodé 4.x (4.8 is the current release) to the new version (5.0 maybe?) work? Will there be an OTA update? Dirty flash via recovery? And does the firmware get upgraded as well?

thx :slightly_smiling_face:

iodéOS 5 will be out some time after lineage 21. It will upgrade the firmware.

thx for the clarification, vince :slightly_smiling_face: