Iodè 5 MagicEarth XA2 Problem

Hello, I had MagicEarth in version… installed on the XA2 myself. After the update, every time I restarted the device, MagicEarth could no longer be found. So I activated MagicEarth in the pre-installed apps, same result.

Side comment: Organic Maps is so superior to Magic Earth

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But organic maps has no traffic information, so for car trips Magic earth is still the better option.

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Thank you, I’ll have a look. As an emergency solution, I’m currently using a second XA2 with LineageOS 21, which runs the old version of MagicEarth without any problems. So it can’t be because the app for Android 14 is sorted out as too old.

That’s right, traffic information is important otherwise I would have ended up in a very big traffic jam this morning.


Well, since nobody seemed to have a solution, I did a tabula rasa.

The MagicEarth app could then be selected from the pre-installed apps and started. Now I have the second problem, the app is silent even though I have set up Hannah and I can’t find a solution. Maybe someone else has this problem? A little help wouldn’t be bad.


does anyone use MagicEarth in the iodé version?

XZ2 with 4.11 and Magic Earth from iode repo.

Works fine

Somebody understand that, it remains silent for me. Otherwise it’s great

Now I think that my problems with MagicEarth are due to iodé version 5.0, they did not occur in version 4.10.

  1. the previously installed older version disappeared after every restart.

  2. the version created via installed applications could be installed, had no voice directly or after a restart.

  3. now MagicEarth sent me a version that ran perfectly with voice after installation. Then I restarted it and it was gone.

I used 3 XA2 for testing. The whole theater does not happen under iodé 4.10 and on another XA2 under Lineage 21.

Yeah, it seems a14 is not that great as it seems to be :wink:

But on LOS 21 = A14 it runs without any problems.

I am still on 4.9 and v7. works fine on a pixel 6. I don’t use voice but traffic information and sound allerts (audio set to phone, not car) work well. Mybe there is something wrong with your audio output setting?