Iode 5 experience on the pixel 6?

Hello, i am running iode 4.9 on a pixel 6 and it stil has all the bugs that were present from the beginning when i installed iode on the xiaomi mi 9 years ago. Has anyone tested iode 5 on the pixel 6 and can shed some infos on the folowing questions?

  • Does copy and paste work in one app and between apps?
    Right now it does not even work in one app. If i copy or cut something there is never anything to paste. The clipboard seams empty.

  • Do the navigation buttons work?
    I am using gestures as the home and history buttons work sporadically. Back works allways but to close an app like the browser you have to go back trough all the pages you visited.

  • Is it possible to create a new user and disable installing some of the default apps without breaking the main account?
    When i created a new user and deselected some default apps for this account all the apps where installed anyway. Like all my choices have been ignored, but when i switched back from the new user to my main account the apps i marked for removal for the other user were gone and with them all the settings. This was one of the biggest desasters on iode rom as there is no working backup solution.

  • Does mute work correctly?
    When muting the phone for the night its still plays notifications from sms or messengers and deactivates mute.

  • Does WLAN break off regularly?
    My WLAN disconects every night and often during the day so i have to manualy switch it on again. On other phones with other roms there is no such problem.

  • Is it possible to update iode 4.9 with aditional users without breaking the phone and the activated banking apps?
    Activating banking apps again is for me very much work and very time consuming. I would try to avoid it as much as possible.

What are your experiences?

Je dispose d’un pixel 6.
Et j’ai mis a jour via la version beta de 4.9 à la beta 5. Et aujourd’hui, tout fonctionne parfaitement

We should stay in English in international chats please


I have updated the pixel 6 to v5 and it is worse than v4.9.

  • navigation buttons don’t work correctly (you can’t leave an app with the middle button, you have to use back many times. In some apps the buttons have no effect so you have to force close the app from the settings. The task button work randomly)

  • WLAN breaks off regulary

  • mute disables it self in the middle of the night

  • bluetooth is broken (now tapping the bluetooth tile opens a window where you have to activate bluetooth, then choose the device to connect to and after it connects to, if it connects, close the window. On 4.9 i tapped once on the bluetooth tile and it connected to the correct device.)

  • the weather app was already installed but the update installed it a second time and broke the widget from the first version

  • the camera app was also installed a second time

I have not tried to uninstall any apps from other user profiles to see i they get removed from the main profile but seeing most bugs carried over to v5 i guess this is not fixed yet.

The positive thing is that the other user profiles and banking apps are still working. Also the keyboard is usable again as you can hide special characters and set the size to your needs.
Without a working navigation and the broken wlan and bluetooth it is hard to use this rom on a pixel 6. On the other hand this is good for privacy and privacy is the purpose of this rom :wink:
Do not update if you don’t have to! There is no way back!

I have a pixel 6 in version 5. And I have no problem