Iode 5.2 breaks lot of stuff


Add your Apps here.

Both works.

This thread is relatively pointless in this form if no further information about the device and setup is provided.

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Good idea-I was wondering what common things on my phone and others using 5.2 might be causing this since some people have no issues.

My phone is a Sony Xperia XZ3. These apps crash the system:

Substack (when it plays audio)
AntennaPOD (when it plays audio)

Also, I have my system setup into profiles using Shelter. I’ve noticed seedvault won’t back up my work profile where all the apps are. Maybe this is a problem with the entire system. Also apps running in the background keep crashing-Signal and Element.

Is there somewhere to file a bug report and is there a log file on my phone that would help with this? :thinking:


Solved for me! It was a shelter problem and moving substack and antenna pod to my personal profile makes the apps and system stable! :smiley: