Iodé 4.8 gone wrong?

I updated to iodé 4.8 (beta, build from dec. 13th) today and since the reboot :

  • Signal does not work anymore (app opens, but not receiving any messages and sending fails too)
  • Updater can’t fetch updates anymore and fails with a message “please check your internet connection”
  • Everything else seems fine for now, other apps access the internet, boots OK… And of course I tried disabling iodé blocker to no avail

How can I rollback to 4.7 ? I though it would be an option from the updater, but it doesn’t seem so.

Additionnally (and that may help resolve this very issue too), how can I opt-out of beta ? I remember having to download the beta updater package, but can’t find anything on how to get back to standard release.


The problem with signal… someone also had it in the beta chat… after switching to molly-foss the problem was solved.
So it seems to be a signal problem.

I will git Molly a try and get back to you, but having the updater completely broken right now is a bit scary asn for the overall health of the upgrade, even if I get signal/molly to work

Update : Molly does work. Had to re-link my PC and lost all message history, which is a bit of a bummer, but at least I can contact people again which is nice.

Next time make a backup of the chat beforehand😉

Did they launch 4.8v?

I had that problem too once in a while, after installing updates. Plus Whatsapp and FairEmail didn’t work, too.
What did the trick for me was to shut down the phone completely, wait a few moments and start it again. A normal reboot was not enough.