Iodé 4.1 in Updater Samsung S9+

I have a Samsung S9+ (SM-G965F) running iodéOS 3.5.
The Updater now offers iodé 4.1 as an update.

When I click on install there is a notice that a compatible Recovery-System is required,
and the update fails.

Is it recommended to update, and if so how can I update manually?

Be careful, encryption in 4.1 is not compatible with encryption in 3.5. If you update it will erase everything.
Also, bluetooth in 4.1 is broken and I’m not sure if a fix is coming. I’m thinking about going back to 3.5 myself.

Encryption in 4.1 is compatible with 3.5, there should not be any issue. However encryption in iodéOS 4.x and iodéOS 3.x is not compatible with encryption in 2.x: factory reset required to upgrade from 2.x.