Installation on galaxy note 10 +

I purchased a refurbished Galaxy note 10 + (SN-N975F/DS).

I noticed the installation instructions here : iodéOS installation - iodé

But, they seem rather simple compared to instructions for lineageos on which iodeos is based.

Could anyone who installed iodeos on this phone confirm me the exact steps to install iodeos ? from the stock firmware.



Have you already installed iode to it?

I am just about to do it. Took time to get an appropriate device without being updated to 1 Aug 2023 security patch.

Yes, installed now.

Carefully read the lineageos instructions, just replace lineageos images by iode ones.

Some actions are a bit tricky to do. But this should not hurt your device.

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Degraded the device from Android 12 to 11. It went smoothly then I realised the bootlocker got locked. I am currently waiting the end of “7 days Samsung jail”.

Have you downgraded your phone to Android 11?