Installation of iodéOS on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Hi all,

I am new in this community and have already some questions:

I want to buy a used smartphone and install iodéOS on it. I assume that that the correct fastboot package for a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro can be downloaded from this site:

According to the instructions from Xiaomi I will need a “MI account”. Does this mean I have to register on their site and give them some personal data?

To he honest, I am think of choosing another phone or to buy a refurbished phone from iodé. :wink:

If it is a new unlocked one, yes.
You need an account, have to unlock it, wait a week, and then you can start installing a custom ROM

Thanks for your reply.

Okay, then my “new” phone will not be Xiaomi model. That’s sad, as the Xiaomi phones have performed well in different tests and used ones are cheap.

I have now checked the device list again: My understanding is that installing iodéOS on a Google Pixel is easier and does not require permission or an unlock code from the device manufacturer.
So my next favorite is a Google Pixel 6a.

very good choice.
I am very satisfied with it and the actual price is fair…

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