Installation auf Fairphone 3

I am trying to install iode.os 4.4-20230824 on an Fairphone 3 from a Windows pc with fastboot version 34.04-10411341. Close to the end of the installation I get the following error: “remote: data too large” and the installation process is aborted. Disk space where my platform tools are installed is 250 GB. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi Doreen,

did you get an answer for this problem or did you manage to install iodeOS? I get the same error when installing iodeOS 4.6 on a Fairphone 3 :frowning:

Hello Leon,
No, unfortunately I didn’t get an answer. Also I didn’t manage it and currently running stock Android.
Best, Doreen

Hi, we could replicate the issue. We’ll search a solution and keep you informed.

The package for FP3 has been replaced, you can download it again:

The problem was an incorrect version of fastboot. We have embedded the required fastboot executables in the package, so the installation should now work regardless of the already installed fastboot version.

Thank you very much!