Inconvenient behaviour of iode os on my S10e

Hello there,

first of all thanks to everyone working hard on prolonging life of our phones. I wanted to ask here if someone can help me with some issues or inconvenient behaviour of my Samsung S10e. I’m on the latest OS version without micro g and I’ve been using iode by now for 3 months and I’m not skillful enough to solve anything of this on my own by using root.

What I encounter is poor call quality many times, because it seems that a part of my ear is covering the microphone and I’m wondering if the phone is not able to use the mic below (if there is one?). I’m not 100% sure about this hypothesis, but using headphones is far the best option to use.

I think 2 months ago, the phone’s display started do get a milky shimmer. I’m using the dark mode, and here, the black colours have a noticeably white touch. Not all the time, but most of the time. I really don’t know, what it triggers to appear.

If I restart the phone, the ringtones are set to off by default. So it doesn’t save changes to it which is a bit inconvenient when you are someone who is shutting off the phone from time to time.

Does anyone know something about this? Are these common issues? Maybe, because I’m not using micro g or is this something else?

Thanks in advance and all the best!

hi …I also use dark mode on S9.
did you activate pure black? Without it it looks really strange.

Hi, thanks for your advice! It took a bit for me to find it, but indeed it solved the problem with the screen :slight_smile:

Has anyone an idea what I could do to find what’s going on with the call quality? Anything I could do to find out if it’s hardware or software related?

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I do have a normal S10 but I also feel the calls are a bit problematic. In my case it’s the speaker. If I turn the speaker on the volume is still very low, to a point that it is actually so unsuitable that I often revert to using the normal ear piece mode.

Two days a go I read a discussion in the S10e forum of xda about the loudspeaker issue and the developer wrote, that there’s probably no way to fix this because of the device itself.
I would like to quote, but I can’t find the topic again

Had the same problem with S9.
AudioFx uninstalled.
and everything was ok… seems to be a Samsung problem with Audiofx.

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Do I even need to uninstall it though I don’t use it? I mean it’s not activated