Incoming call but no screen popup to pick up

Hi all,
Very often when I’m using my phone and someone calls me, there’s no screen popping up to allow me to pick up the call.
I have to go to the notifications screen (dragging down from top) and then find the call notification to be able to answer…
This is of course very annoying.
I looked up in every parameter menu but couldn’t find any solution.
Does anybody know hox to fix this ?

Up :slight_smile: anyone ?

Do you have the call waiting function activated on your provider?
I only know the mmi codes

*43# on
#43# off

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Thanks for the answer, but alas, no call waiting function activated…

Is it also with another dialer? Fossify for example

Look at Settings > Notifications. The last entry Heads-up should be enabled.
If not, do so and try again.