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Hello, i have a new teracube 2E with iodé OS. The phone is used to display big images with 10.000x10.000 pixel and zoom it in for viewing details. The images are JPEG and saved as progressiv with quality 100 or 75 and subsampling ON (2x2). Default, there is the “gallery” app installed to view images. But with this, the images are very slowly loaded. On my old motorola moto G (1) with cyanogenmod it was very faster. My question here is: is there a better image viewer available? Please as a *.apk. I have searched on on F-Froid, but found only this - from year 2017:

It don’t worked. All other image viewer Apps on F-Droid have inappropriate permissions, like network or in-App billing.

PS: the file manager is not optimal with view thumbnails in both modus. It takes a long time for the thumbnails to load. No waiting until then. It uselessly consumes CPU and battery.

I use Simple Gallery Pro from F-Droid. Maybe you like this one.

and there ist also Aves Libre.

I hope I could help you.

Thanks MrMx.

First: Simple Gallery Pro is similar as the default Gallery but has more Settings.

Second: The problem are progressiv JPG files. Both Gallery Apps have problems with progressiv JPG by the deep zoom in. I can not say if that is a problem of iodé or general.

Both Gallery Apps displays allways thumbnails. There is no setting option to disable thumbnails.

Not iode specific. Generally

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