I am having an error in Aurora - "Install Failed - App not purchased". Updated Iode and have "Warning"


I am using a Samsung 9+ and have used Iode for a few months.

Recently I may have updated the Aurora
from F-Droid and I am getting “Install Failed App not purchased”

I tried to upgrade to the latest version using updater and 4.1 gave an warning message . "The update 3.1 : Warning data format required.

Any assistance in resolving this willbe greatly appreciated.

You should uninstall the Aurora update and probably reset its store. Got to app info (long press on the icon), uninstall update from top right menu, and clear storage.
We will, at some point, upgrade Aurora Store, but form some reasons it is a bit too early.

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Hi Vince

Apologies for not replying earlier, I was not in the country and was unable to reply.

I could not see the “… uninstall update from top right menu …” my version does not seem to have this.

However in storage and information I could clear storage.

I remember at the beginning of my DIY troubleshooting, I may have installed from Fdroid the version of Aurora. Is this why I cannot see the menu to uninstall update?

If that is the case what do you suggest I do?