How to uninstall Magic Earth?

I seem not to be able to uninstall Magic Earth.
The usual procedures (persistent click, settings, app drawer) do not give the uninstall option.
Neither does Aurora; it asks whether I want to revert to the factory version. Well I tried the Yes. And then the uninstall option suddenly appeared in Aurora. I voted for uninstall.
Guess what, the widget is still there, and in the settings Magic Earth is still around.

I want to remove it with all its (large) map data.

Please advise!

(And why is this so weard and complicated?)

(Betatester on FP4)

Go to Settings app, Preinstalled apps, Maps and navigation, and tap the bin icon.

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Thanks. That did the job

Why is this made with such detour?

I think it’s good that it’s being done with such a detour, although detour is an exaggeration. By the way, it’s written in detail in the blog, you should read it.

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Just for information

If one does not know of this peculiar situation, one gets this error message:

Which, obviously, is not very helpful.

But, thanks for Chris’ advice!

Thanks for the link.

It is not realistic to expect from users that they read and memorise that type of information.

So I really need the forum :wink:

Personally, I don’t like this statement… For example, I won’t buy a new car without finding out about it first.

and secondly, during the installation process it is pointed out that you can deselect apps that you don’t need.

But that’s how many people feel these days… just click quickly to get to your destination quickly without worrying about the consequences