How to synchronize whatsapp with contacts in shelter?

Dear all,

I used to run whatsapp in the shelter app on a Fairphone3 with the stock OS. The contact list was synchronized, so I could see the names of the contacts in whatsapp.

I would like to do the same on a Fairphone 4 with iodé. So I installed the shelter app, cloned the contact app and aurora store to the business profile and installed whatsapp from aurora store.

I have allowed whatsapp to acess the contact list and can store a contact from whatsapp to the contact list. But the name which is defined in the contact list does not synchronize to whatsapp, so I still see only the phone number in a whatsapp chat.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks and kind regards

I’m doing the same
The only difference, I’m using simple contacts instead of default contact apps
All contacts in WA, which i want to save, gets stored in contact app in shelter profile. And vice versa. All new contacts which i create in contact app, and having WA, can be chossen in WA for new chat.
All default settings. No magic at all. No blocker or what ever are included. Must work out of the box.

Thank you for the feedback. I didn’t mention that I’m using simple contacts as well, so it seems that we have a similar setup. This indicates that there is no general issue, but obviously a particular one on my phone. :frowning:

I have reset iodé to the factory settings. That was not much of an issue because I didn’t have any relevant data on it yet. Then as a first step I installed shelter, simple contacts and WA as described above and imported the contacts list into the simple contacts app.
Now the contacts are synchronized :smiley:
Unfortunately I cannot say now what caused the issue. Just the following advice: Configure the whatsapp encapsulation as soon as possible after installing iodé!

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