How to restore or reinstall TWRP from iodé recovery?

Hello iodéOS community,
I read the article about iodéOS on XDA for the Note 9 device.
I am using and encountered a few problems as follows:
How to restore or reinstall TWRP from iodé recovery?
Because my device is locked to access the bootloader (cannot access the bootloader with hardware keys or commands) and also cannot run iOS because the bootloader version is too old (Android 8.1).
Currently the device can only access iodé recovery.
FastBoot mode from iodé recovery also cannot install TWRP as below.

fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.7.0_9-0-crownlte.img
Warning: skip copying recovery image avb footer (recovery partition size: 0, recovery image size: 42801152).
Sending 'recovery' (41798 KB)                      OKAY [  1.284s]
Writing 'recovery'                                 FAILED (remote: 'No such file or directory')
fastboot: error: Command failed

Samsung Galaxy Note 9? I don’t find fastboot flash in the install instructions on for this device. If I remember correctly Samsung doesn’t have fastboot mode. That’s why the TWRP instructions recommend Odin.

Fastboot mode of iode recovery. If my device cannot access download mode, ODi will not work. That’s why I need to reinstall TWRP from iode recovery. But iode recovery can only flash iodde signed files. So I asked the dev team for support, for example signing twrp.img.