How to reset sdCard storage configuration?


I have a Xperia XA2 with iodéeOS 3.0.
I installed an sd card and used as an additional storage for the phone.
I was able to add ringtones, and photos and other files were stored correctly on the sd card.

One day later, almost all the files was unreadable by the phone : photos were all white, ringtones couldn’t be read…

I reset the sd card with my computer (and changed its name).

Since, the phone always ask me to reinsert the card named “Carte SD SanDisk”.
SInce, the storage parameters always crash, I can’t reset this storage configuration.

All the access to storage now crash.
If I want to change un ringtone > crash
All apps (like sd card manager, offical sanDisk app) crash when trying to access to storage.
Event the sounds app crashs. Certainly because it want to access to sdCard storage as well.

PS: I tryied to reboot the phone + I tryed to use the phone withoud sd Card + I tryied to configure a sdCard as file transert…

I had to factory reset the phone to access again to my storage.
I tryied again with another sd Card and the same problems happend.

Finally (after another factory reset), I’m using the sd card not as “a storage extention” but as a “external storage”.
I have to redirect may apps to use the sd card folder.

I don’t know if it is an android or an iodéOS issue.