How to install Iodé OS on SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand Prime

I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME, and I want to install a version of iodé os on it ? Can I ?
What is the version that I need to compile ?
How can I do that ?
It is my first install of iodé os.
Before I wanted to install it on Sony Xperia XZ2 but the model doesn’t want. because of a chroot bloqued …

Can somebody help me ?


As per this uipath tutorial article, you must have technical knowledge for backup data, unlock bootloader (in developer options), Download TWRP, download and install iodéOS ROM and GApps, etc. It could potentially harm your device if not done correctly.


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I have make the backup data,
I know how to unlock bootloader in developer options
But I don’t know using TWRP, Odin or other thing, It is my first install.
I don’t know if the IodéOS ROM must be compiled for this device ?
And how about Gapps ?

Thanks @olivasmith

Building for this device may not be possible for iode although after a little searching I find an unofficial Lineage ROM (Android 11/Lineage 18.0) which you could try maybe. Make sure your device matches the device description and any model numbers if given.

I don’t know anything about Gapps except that they are not suitable for iode.

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I’ve try but I’ve failed.
I have learn something about Odin, TWRP, ROM and tools for SAMSUNG devices.
My phone is wiped out… Maybe I’ve missed something when I’ve installed TWRP for sudo mode with Odin…

I will try next time… '^_^.

But I’ve a old Sony Xperia XZ2… But the iodé installer cannot install iodéOS on it because the phone is not chrooted…

Does it have a solution for that ?

If you mean that the bootloader is not unlocked, you can follow the instructions to unlock it on the Sony site