How to import a Data backup from samsung smart switch into iodé

dear all,
i gladly purchased a refurbished samsung s10e from iodé and would like to import my old data (contacts, pictures, etc.) via a backup function into iodé (my old mobile phone is still active).
I read an article about seedvault as a backup app, but it’s not for installation on windows pc.
Could you please advice, how to deal with this issue?
Thanks in advance and best regards

About contacts, you must export them in the .vcf file format, then import them in the Contacts app.
For pictures, music files etc, you can grab them by pluging the old phone to a computer and enabling the “File transfer USB mode” (it should be available in a notification when you plug your phone), and navigating in the various folders you’ll see. You can then put them back in the new phone the same way.

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Thank you Vince!