How to do "Business donations"?


we would like to support the iodé development financially beyond from purchasing devices (we are just a very small company). I know about the possibility for donations, but this does not work well for companies.

Other projects offer a “business support” or “business edition” or similar for this purpuses. The main point is to have something to get an invoice for and have VAT handled correctly.

Any ideas?



Hi and thank you for your interest in iodé.

We can issue a sponsoring invoice if you wish to. Can you PM me your company and donation details?


Hi Antoine,

thanks, I will certainly do this the next days.

Nevertheless I think it would be a good idea to offer a “sponsoring product” in your shop. I could imagine, that more companies would like to support iodé. Sometimes it is not feasable to buy a phone from you.



In a ‘sponsoring invoice’ it is elementary important that the word donation does not appear. Only iodé sponsoring should be mentioned.