How to disable touch at lock screen?

Hi there
I’m testing iodéOS with my Samsung Galaxy S9.
What I’m missing is an option to disable touch functionality at lock screen. I remember this option at other phones like OnePlus or similar.
I just searched the settings and developer settings at most recent iodéOS (4-20240424) but I can not find somthing similar.

Is there any way to disable touch at lock screen, maybe with adb or something else, at my S9?
I would be fine with waking up the phone by pressing power button (on the right side) only.

Thanks so far for the other information here at the community.


yes, that used to exist… also on the S9 with iode… but I can’t find it anymore… I think it was removed from LOS.

That’s a pity.
Is there any way to get this back, maybe with manual changes with adb, root, etc?

I now also have a Sony XA2 with LOS 21 (A 14) and can’t find such an option either. I seem to remember that you could wake up the phone by tapping twice on the switched off display, but this no longer works.

When I open my case or press the off/on button, the lock screen appears. If I then tap the lock screen twice, the display goes black again. I can switch this option on/off in LOS under Dispaly with “Tap for standby”.

what exactly bothers you about it?
just to understand the background of your question.

Thanks, I’m aware of this option, but this is not what I’m searching for. I already played around with this but it does not disable touch at lock screen.

When at work I use a case for my phone because environment is dirty and wet. But in pocket of my jacket I often notice that the display will be turned on again and again because of the touch functionality at lock screen. The phone will not be unlocked, but activated display will reduce battery and as well the drop down menu can be activated there, so connectivity and other shortkeys can be toggled by accident.
With my other (old and outdated) phone I disabled touch at lock screen so these “pocket touches” never appeared.

You can lock the quick setting tiles under
screen lock