How to build iodé?

Hi all,

Is there a tuto (docker may be ?) on how to build iodé for his own smartphone ?
I run /e/OS at this time on Xiaomi Mi9T, I would be interested to test iodé on the same device !



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Currently not.
The process is still under development
Please have some patience

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So, you can start building your own ROM

Instructions are now available


but you will have most likely bad luck, because the mi 9t (lime) is not supported by Lineage and you have to get the sources there and have to breakfast and brunch as lime…

As I run /e/OS at this time on this device it’s supported …

OK, sorry then
I thought the mi 9T is lime not davinci
then everything is OK

no Stop!

what is this site for?
is this official?
it is a LOS 17.1 (android10)

on official site, no mi9t (discontinued, no maintainer)

you can try it with the old propritary blobs from 17.1
but if you will have success, i don’t know. not sure if breakfast davinci works. try it

Thank you nice catch !

the Xiaomi Mi 9T (davinci) has been officially supported by crDroid 8.7 (Android 12) until August 2022 and /e/OS ‘Q’ /Android 10)

crDroid uses LineageOS as base. They already support ‘signature spoofing’, so ‘MicroG’ can be implemented as it’s the case in iodéOS. Get more inspiration here …

Is Android 12 / LOS 19 the minimum needed, or would it be possible to build Android 11 / LOS 18 versions?