How do you manage text message ? (when rcs is activated by default)


on recent phones, message apps use RCS by default, which is not supported by MicroG.
I don’t receive 80% of my text messages (bank authentification amongst them).
How do you manage yours?

What device and what country?

Sony XPERIA XZ3, France

I asked because I have had issues with messages getting through to me in the US and it appears to be something with how the network and modem function, like the modem will sleep and messages won’t get through or once the phone screen is turned back on a slew come through all at once (likely due to no VoLTE but not 100% sure).

Have you tried a different default app that supports what your bank and other apps use?

Yes, I am currently testing other apps, but still with same behavior. In case I find something working fine, I will update here.
But for the time being, no real postive result.

I had family with a similar issue using 2FA with PayPal. It actually ended up being an issue with “short text code” protocol with the cellular provider after a number port into their network. Just something else to check if apps that should work are not.

Thanks a lot, I will check this !

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