How Do I Download And Install iodéOS 4.0? XZ3 using Windows 10

I installed IodeOS 3.4 on XZ3 it works ! very happy. will test VOLTE in USA soon when I get SIM.

I want to try 4.0 next

I try installing from here

Where is the recovery.img file? I extract the .zip but cannot find a recovery.img
the .tar.gz I extract and its the same thing except there is “pax_global_header” which I don’t know what that is.

I want to install it please give me any advice I appreciate any help so very much. …

You’re wrong there.
if you want to install v4 it is only available as beta here:

recovery + image. installable the same way.
after you have installed it you have to chnge the updater app to v4 to get new ota updates.

Or you have to change the updater to beta updater v3. get the initial v4 ota via v3 beta updater and change then the updater to v4 beta updater for further v4 updates