Help to root Iodé OS

Hi, I have a Pixel 6 phone with Iodé OS and would like to root it. As I understand it, doing it requires either a custom recovery mode or tweaking stuff from a PC with adb, which results in a factory reset (and wouldn’t that remove Iodé OS entirely as it’s a custom OS ?).
I can’t find any custom rescue mode compatible with my Pixel 6, so does anyone know if root with adb would work ? As in would the factory reset following the root still have iodé OS ? Don’t know if I’m really clear, but if someone got me and has any answer, I’ll take it !
Thanks in advance !

Here you find the instructions how to root the phone with Magisk

I didn’t know it was possible to root this way ! Looks interesting but I can’t do the last step as my Pixel 6 isn’t detected via fastboot even though it’s in fastboot mode :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why would you like to root your phone anyway?

What OS are you using?
Windows or Linux?
Of Linux, which one?