Grade A is not acceptable incredible

Hi, I’ve placed an order on 15 of April 2023 for one Xiaomi Mi 10T esthetic grade A for 424,60 € shipment included.
I received it today and what a disappointing it’s scratched everywhere all around on the edges, i never seen a phone in this state, it’s grade A so what should be grade B ?
I can’t understand that this company dare to send a phone like this to his client, apparently they don’t mind, they do not have any respect for them.

Hi Serge,

Sorry to hear that. To recall, here are the difference between grade A and B:
A: Device in good shape. It presents micro scratches on the case or the screen, which are invisible when it is ON.
B: Smartphone with more pronounced scratches. They have no incidence on the use of the phone.

It seems from what you say that you received a grade B instead of A, or maybe a grade A with pronounced scratches and a perfect screen. In any case you can write to and we will take in charge the phone for a refund or an exchange.


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Hi Antoine,

Thanks for your reply, I’ve sent photos to

Have a nice day,