GPS not working eventhough satalites are found

Good mourning

I have the newest iodé OS version installed on my Teracube 2e.
But when I want to navigate via Magic Earth or ADAC Drive those Apps find my location for a short period, but the position won’t be updated and the location stays where I was located when I started the application.
Location is definitively activated and the GPS Test app shows about 10 satalites found. The signal noise ratio is low at about 20dB though, but they are found.
In Apps like Waze navigation does even work more or less, but that’s not what an iodé user wants to use.

Any ideas how I can make the navigation work in the other apps again?

Hi @Tomete, I also have problems to get GPS work in Osmand+, Breezy Weather or other Apps.
However when I run “GPSTest” it seems to find dozens of satelites.

Have you found a solution already?
Are we really the only ones with this issue? Could it be a hardware problem?

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No, I’m having the same problem. The best place to report this problem is probably to file a bug here. If you do, I let me know here and I will add my 2 cents

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