GPS lock takes minutes after 4.0 update (is A-GPS working?)

After the update to iodeOS 4.0 on my Fairphone 4 the GPS takes very long to get a good lock. Sometimes minutes, however when it finally locks it works fine. This leads me to think there might be an issue with A-GPS ?

Phone: Fairphone4
iodeOS version: 4.0-20230131-FP4
Android: 13 buildnumber TQ1A.230105.001.A2 dev-keys

how did you test it?
which app are you using?
→ verified with GPSTest
microG and location providers enable?
weather conditions?

Hi, there might be an A-GPS issue indeed. You can check with gpstest as @AlphaElwedritsch suggests: if you don’t quickly see a list of satellites, it might be the case. We will make some tests on or side too.

I use my (Magic Earth) navigation daily to avoid traffic jams. For a few weeks now (since the 4.0 update) i experience this slow locking daily, so it is not a one off issue.
I just tried outdoor in sunny weather and clear sky with the GPStest app,
The first lock took about 45sec and then it lost the lock again a few times before it became stable.
The list of satellites starts short and then builds up gradually.
I have 3 location providers active in MicroG (Deja Vu, NLP, Mozzilla)

I checked AGPS on FP4: I don’t see any problem, GPSTest shows a long list of satellites in less than 2 seconds. Maybe you should refresh the data: install GPSTest from f-droid, and clear assist data.

I did a factory reset and now every thing is working fine,

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