Google Pixel 3 iode 3.6 flashing fails

I’m new here. I purchased a google pixel 3 smartphone and wanted to install the latest iode image to it(
Unfortunately installation fails - these are the messages I’m getting shortly before it fails:
extracting system_other.img (66 MB) to disk… took 0.243s
archive does not contain ‘system.sig’
Sending ‘system_a’ (2883584 KB) FAILED (remote: ‘Invalid size’)
fastboot: error: Command failed
Rebooting into bootloader OKAY [ 0.000s]

The sha256 checksum of the image zip is fine.
I would appreciate it if somebody could help to resolve my issue.

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make sure that the latest version of Google Pixel firmware Android 12.0.0 (SP1A.210812.016.C2, June 2022) is installed on your ‘blueline’ before installing iodéOS.

Ok, maybe this info should be added to the installation guide - my device didn’t have the latest android firmware installed…now I have to search the www to get the Pixel working again - could have avoided that if the guide was clear about that.

I was finally able to flash iode on the Pixel 3 - flashing failed not because the original android firmware wasn’t up to date (I had some android 8 installed). Within the unzipped * file there is a * - after I also unzipped that archive, flashing the Pixel finally was successful - the installation guide doesn’t mention that - maybe usually not necessary but in my case this was needed.

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How did you flash?
Via shell or batch script?

I sticked to the iode installation guide - I used the script from the zip.