GCam port for Samsung phones

Hey there,

is there a working port for googles camera app for samsung s9 / s10 devices? I tried to start the normal app after downloading it from aurora store, but it crashed instantly.

Actually, I liked the easiness of aperture cam and the feature-rich open camera app but wanted to try and see what differences there are.


Hi i use this one at S9

V11 runs too

but read this first if you have microG installed

The ones from Idan and BSG work too.
I mean BSG 8.1

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Thanks for the fast reply, gotta try that!

After trying a couple of ports I went back to Open Camera for stability reasons. Most of the BigKaka Versions crashed at startup. The only ones working were AGC8.4.300_V9.9 and ZGCAM7.4 V1.03415 but both had problems finding the selfie cam or the ultra wide lens. How did you get the V9 and V11 running @sts61 ?

I use an S10e with iodéOS 4.9

I use an S9 exynos with iode 4.9 without microG.
with gcam service provider photo.
and currently this version


I can’t tell you anything about the selfi cam because I don’t take selfies and the front lens is taped shut😉

it runs out of the box.
Just make a few personal settings that have nothing to do with the basic function.

Well, so there is no way the selfie and wide lens are working? Having microG installed should not be the problem, I guess.

So maybe I just give up and stick to Open Camera for now.

If anybody has come across a working gcam port for s10e exynos that doesn’t crash regularly, pls let me know!

I use an older version with the WonIT config: Config Files for BSG 8.1
All lenses are working on S10+

But i dont really use it that often because Apeture works great