Galaxy Smartphones: Change display resolution

With the original operating system, you could adjust the display resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus to save battery power. The highest resolution was not activated by default.

Does Iode OS also have this feature or is this feature planned?

Thank you!

Under settings/display you can change resolution and text size
Also in developer settings, the dpi value

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Thanks, I only have the setting for text size and display size but not display resolution

It’s in developer settings

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Thanks, but I can’t find the setting there either.

Ah, Deutsch. Well done…
It’s Geringste Breite
This setting acts in combination with the settings under display

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Many thanks, I see what you mean now. When I change the display size under Display, the dpi value in the developer options adjusts to it, so the display size apparently controls the resolution.

Just wanted to add that with the newest version of iode OS there is an option to change the diaplay resolution in settings