FusionSolar APK - Package installer keeps stopping

Good day,
Please help me with installation of FusionSolar. The installer keeps crashing with both current and older versions of the application: https://apkcombo.com/fusionsolar/com.huawei.smartpvms/

Your help will be appreciated!

Why using it it from that source?
I would never use any of these app stores…

Try using it from official site:

if it is not working, too, then you have no chance to get it running on a de-googled android, like iodéOS

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me with huawai either. If they can’t spy on you 100%, they just refuse the service :wink:

Thank you AlphaElwedritsch. In fact I started with the official site, but I had no luck either. Any other suggestion?

Sorry, no.
I think you can’t get it working on iodéOS

Thank you.