FP5 network disconnection

Hi community !

Since recently, probably last update to IodeOS 5.1 I have several times a day a small disconnection of my GSM/4G/5G for about 20s and then it comes back. Wifi is not affected.

I found Fairphone 5 sim card disconnection issues - Fairphone 5 - Fairphone Community Forum which on the first post seems to be sim card issue, but last message look very similar to mine.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue ? Or am I the only one with a FP5@Iode ?

I do hope it is gonna be fixed, it is quite annoying since it was working very well in IodeOS 4.10+ and 5.0

PS: I tried to remove/insert the sim card and I cannot upgrade to eSIM because the sim card is my employer’s property…

All best !

Moin and hi,
I have a new FP5 with iodé and so far no problem with my network connection.

But I have 2 other issues.
I can’t lock my bootloader because get_unlock_availability is still 0.

Since iodé 5.2 I have the “Sim-Manager keeps stopping” issue. Had to install 5.1 again.

Edit: A Fairphone 5 tag would be nice


I did not try to lock bootloader so I cannot say. And I don’t have any “Sim-Manager keeps stopping” Or at least I don’t have any message poping up (running 5.2 from July 1st)

Do you use regular sim card or eSim ?

Agreed for the FP5 tag :wink:


There is a Post about the SIM Manager Problem. I’m not alone with this SIM Manager Problem. I’m back at 5.1 for now.

Hi, I have a FP4 and have the same problems. I can’t say, when and why this happens, but it happens several times per week.

Here is my data: Android 14 - iodéOS 5.1-20240531-FP4

Best regards!