FP5 IodeOS installer help pls

Hi everyone,
beginner’s question : the IOS installer is getting stuck right after entering the code for enabling oem debugging. sorry cannot post pics, last line says ‘device state-locked’
…what did I miss ?
let me know if I d rather ask somewhere else

I don’t know the installer, but I would suggest to enable OEM unlocking and USB Debugging directly in the device (system/developer options) and then start the installer.

But maybe I’m wrong and anybody else with a FP5 here and used the installer, can help.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to use another USB cable and/or USB Port

I have iode on my FP5 now, but I cannot tell unfortunately, as the installer, when I wanted to install it, needed a newer glib lib, so I went fort he script way of installing it (as I’m used to it).

But I would suggest the same, I have no clue what instruction the installer will show you, but you can basically follow the official Fairphone guide:

After that run the installer again.

Just in case you decide to unlock bootloader manually be careful, do not unlock_critical. It’s a required step for FairphoneOS, but not iodé.

Ah didn’t know that. But you are right not mentioned in the iodéOS manual install guide: GitHub - iodeOS/ota

I unlocked both, but I had

Hi @Ludo, did you manage to solve this?